Ann Gallelli: Discounts for Village Seniors

To the editor,ann2016

Here are a few points to consider on the institution of a $20 season pass rate for Silver Lake for resident seniors. 

  • In Croton, senior residents (over 62) get a Parks & Recreation Photo Id for free.
  • While the $20 season pass allows for unlimited access, the cost for an individual visit to  Silver Lake park is $1 for senior residents with their ID. For many who don’t visit more than 20 times in a season, this is a very low-cost alternative to the season pass.


For comparison purposes, Briarcliff Manor charges its Seniors $125 for a season pass to their pool.  The Town of Cortlandt charges $68 for a senior season pass to Charles Cook pool or a $4.75 daily fee in addition to its $7 charge for a photo id.


Although we never like to increase fees, this fee was adopted to help cover the cost of improvements being made at Silver Lake. This past winter, the Village Board agreed to upgrade a path down to Silver Lake beach from the parking lot.  This improvement was suggested by some residents, local seniors, who came to the Village seeking a safer access to the park. The Board supported this idea and included it in the budget. Work on it is expected to begin in the next few weeks in time for the season.  It will improve access for everyone.


Additionally, it should be noted that the Parks & Recreation Dept. has a financial aid program to ensure that all residents have full access to Village parks and programs regardless of their financial situations.  Applications are available in the Recreation Office through June 1. All information will be confidential.


I believe that most seniors would find that paying $1/day entrance fee on top of zero charge for a Photo ID, plus the improved path to the beach, is well worth it for the opportunity to enjoy this beautiful summer park facility.  


Ann Gallelli


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