Brian Pugh: Moving Forward With Croton Point Avenue

To the Editor: brian-pugh-group-cropped
Earlier this month, the Board of Trustees for the Village of Croton took another step forward in the Croton Point Avenue improvement project.  The Village   approved a proposal for engineering design services for the next phase of the Croton Point Avenue Improvement project including permitting, right-of- way acquisition, detailed engineering plans and specifications, and bidding assistance.
This brings our Village closer to  completing the Croton Point Avenue Improvement project, which originated in 2008 and received a $1.2 million federal grant..  The planned improvements of the CPA project include:
  • 5 ft. wide designated bike lanes between the travel lane and the sidewalk. 
  • 4 ft. and 5 ft. wide concrete sidewalks on both sides of Croton Point Avenue.
  • realigning of the US Route 9 northbound on-ramp to eliminate the eastbound channelized free-flow right turn movement from Croton Point Avenue, 
  • widening the US Route 9 southbound off-ramp to provide an exclusive right turn lane,
  • traffic signal installations at Veterans Plaza, the US Route 9 southbound on/off ramps and the US Route 9 northbound on/off ramps, 
  • widening of approximately 100 ft. of Veterans Plaza to accommodate four-lanes for reversible traffic flow operations, pavement and drainage improvements. 
  • roadway resurfacing is proposed on Croton Point Avenue and S. Riverside Avenue within the project limits. 
The design described above, which would better regulate and rationalize one of our busiest roadways, has been approved by the NYS Department of Transportation and would be a vast improvement over the chaotic status quo. There have been various suggestions for and objections to this proposed design.  
However, many options were reviewed as part of the additional design process. Changes at this stage would be counterproductive. As, the NYS Department of Transportation warned the Village: “The administering agency [Croton] should endeavor to avoid changing the project after design approval is granted…Changes to the project after design approval will require recycling the project through the preliminary design phase …Changes that occur after design approval has been granted can cause significant delays in project development.”
I am grateful for the public’s patience as we work to implement this long-anticipated project.  I look forward to when we can all share the benefits of the hard work of successive Village administrations and boards, our Village’s professional staff and our citizen Bicycle-Pedestrian Committee.
Brian Pugh

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