Sherry Horowitz: What’s next for Community Choice Aggregation?

sherry2017Dear Editor, and fellow Crotonites,

In the next few months, our Village will have another opportunity to join Westchester Power, the Community Choice Aggregation program established by Sustainable Westchester (a nonprofit consortium of local governments.  By aggregating consumers on a large scale, CCA programs provide municipalities with access to the wholesale power market and the ability to control the supply source, mix and price.


Although Croton did not join the CCA in 2016, 20 municipalities in Westchester County did join, and they are now enjoying the benefits of that affiliation.  Through the CCA, a two year contract was negotiated, which has been extended through the end of 2018. Under that contract, customers in the original communities have been receiving electric power for less than the average 2015 Con Edison price; by joining now, Croton customers will enjoy the same benefits.  Also, most participating municipalities have chosen to “opt up” to 100% “green” power. Westchester Power’s renewable supply is secured with the purchase of renewable energy certificates – or “RECs” – issued by Green-E. These certificate represent energy produced from wind power generators around the country.  This option has also been delivered below the 2015 Con Ed average price. Our Village’s Sustainable Committee has recommended our participation in the 100% green option.  

When the CCA program was first introduced to residents at a Village Board meeting 2 years ago, there was a good deal of apprehension and confusion about the program. Some people felt they were being forced into a situation they didn’t like or understand. This time around, we intend to fully inform you about CCA; how it operates, its benefits for us as energy consumers, and its environmental benefits for our community and the wider world.  You will also learn how to quickly and easily opt out of the program if that is your desire.


The Village’s Sustainability Committee proposed, and the Board of Trustees approved the following timeline of opportunities to inform you about the CCA.


January 16, a representative from Sustainable Westchester will present the CCA program at a Village Board meeting at 8:00 PM; the meeting will be televised.


January 20, a mailing will go out with basic information and questions/

answers from the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA), the authorizing agency for the CCA program.


January 25, a presentation on CCA is scheduled at the Croton Free Library at 7:30 PM, sponsored by Mothers Out Front.


Early February, Croton’s Sustainability Committee will make another presentation on CCA at the Croton Free Library.


We hope you will avail yourselves of these opportunities to learn about CCA, and to have any and all questions you may have answered to your satisfaction. Our goal is to have all residents thoroughly informed, and hopefully supportive!


Respectfully, Sherry Horowitz, Trustee, Village of Croton-on-Hudson


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