Brian Pugh: The Facts on Fiscal Policy

brian-pugh-group-croppedTo The Editor:

In the last few issues of the Gazette, the Croton United party candidates and their partisans have portrayed themselves a champions of fiscal responsibility. However, their actual record falls short of their rhetoric.

The most recent budget, which came in under the tax cap, was only able to pass with the votes of the two Democratic Trustees on the Board, Ann Gallelli and myself.

Before that, our Village was only able to remain under the cap last year thanks to $19,000 “carryover factor” that the Village earned from the 2015 budget, passed by the former Democratic Majority Board. Simply put, the 2016 tax freeze checks were only possible thanks to the fiscal responsibility of the Democrats.

All of this spin is because Croton United has painted itself in the corner. They campaigned aggressively against “debt”. But once they gained power, they quickly approved some $8 million in new borrowing. Two years into Croton United’s reign they have been unable or unwilling to take a break from politicking and get down to governance.

We should be taking concrete steps to control the most significant increases in expenses for the Village identified in by the Village manager in her budget memos. I have outlined such steps, including the use of buying groups to tame insurance costs, in my recent letters to the Gazette and will continue to work diligently to implement them.

Brian Pugh

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