Ann Gallelli: Explore Gouveia Park

To the Editorann2016,

Over the past few weeks, I have made  a point of stopping at Gouveia Park as I usually pass it several times a day.  Very frequently there have been residents there exploring it or, sometimes, just eating lunch and reading, a respite of sorts.

This past Sunday, my fellow Trustee, Brian Pugh, and I made it known that we would be there to engage in discussion on matters of resident interests. Some talked to us and many just explored.   It seems that several already had gone there with their children for picnics and down time.  

As is well known, I supported the acceptance of this gift of 15+ beautiful acres (woods, lawn and house) with its $1 Million endowment. I am happy that people are taking it upon themselves to explore it and enjoy it.  

Like all such endeavors, it takes time for such a place to grow into its potential but the interest and genuine enjoyment I heard last Sunday, reinforce my belief that Gouveia Park is a valuable asset to our Village and will become even more so as time goes on.  

Thank you to everyone who took the time to talk with us and express your thoughts.

If you have not had a chance to visit the park, there will be a great reason to visit it this Friday – 9/22.  Our Village Parks Department is showing a movie, The Monster” (PG) at Gouveia Park. Bring a picnic and stay for the movie, which will begin at dusk.  The natural grass amphitheater best lends itself to viewing from blankets on the hillside or low beach chairs.

Ann Gallelli

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