Sherry Horowitz: A Kind & Welcoming Village

Dear Neighbors:sherry2017

Although my children preferred watching Sesame Street and the Electric Company on TV when they were little, I was a big fan of Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood; I loved his low-key warmth and wisdom. And now, many years later, I see a distinct similarity between Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood and the Childrenspace community.  Both are places that are safe, both physically and emotionally, so that folks feel comfortable and welcome there.

Recently, Mr. Rogers’ name popped up on the internet, and I was drawn to read the article. Apparently, a “lost” Mr. Rogers episode mysteriously resurfaced, which might be a message to our President. In it Mr. Rogers says, “Rules are very, very important.  Not just for games but for all things.  Even big things like countries. Countries have to have rules to protect people, too.  And someday you’ll be helping to make the rules for your country.  I trust that you’ll make the best kind you know how.”

I am running for Croton Village Board Trustee because I would like to help make the rules for my Village, the best kind of rules I know how. I am committed to helping make rules that improve people’s lives; rules that help all people feel safe, rules that encourage mutual respect, that teach the importance of sharing, working together and above all, being kind to each other.  In short, rules that build a strong community where everyone is valued, and all viewpoints are heard and considered.  If that’s the kind of community you would like to live in, you can help me make those rules with your vote on November 7th! And I invite you to share your own vision for Croton with me; I’ll be hanging out at the Black Cow this  Saturday, September 16th, between 12:30 and 2:30.  I hope to see you there!

Respectfully, Sherry Horowitz, Democratic Candidate for Croton Village Board Trustee

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