Ann Gallelli: Thank you to our Firefighters!

To the Editor,ann2016

My complements to our Volunteer Fire Department.  This past Sunday, when their annual inspection of equipment was held at Croton Point Park, they were called out twice to respond to calls in the Village.  This annual event is a special occasion for the Fire Department as it is a time when Chiefs and members from other area departments come and evaluate and rate our department’s equipment.  Trustees on the Village Board and the Manager are also invited guests.  It is usually followed by a picnic for the volunteers and families.

They had a challenge this year.  Just before the scheduled inspection, they received a call to which the equipment responded.  By the time they returned, the ceremony was already much delayed.  Nevertheless, with some quick work, the equipment was returned to inspection- worthy status.  Following the inspection, everyone started enjoying the picnic and then another call came in.  The volunteers quickly changed from their uniforms to their firefighter gear and left the picnic to take the call.    

It reminded me that they have our backs every day.

Ann Gallelli

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