A Community Letter from the Croton Democratic Slate


Dear Neighbor,

Thanks to dozens of volunteers and hundreds of residents who signed our nominating petitions, we will appear on the ballot in the Tuesday, November 7, 2017, village elections as the endorsed candidates of the Democratic Party, Working Families Party, Independence Party and the Women’s Equality Party. We look forward to restoring a progressive village government in Croton that reflects our community’s values.

Our vision for Croton is based on maintaining the quality of life that we all enjoy while embracing changes that can make our village stronger and more sustainable. Our priorities include:

  1. Control property taxes by actively managing our village’s expenses and supporting the development of revenue sources beyond residential property taxes. The rezoning of the Harmon area to allow mixed-use development — a move promoted by the Democrats and opposed by Croton United, the party that currently holds the Village Board majority — is one example of village government creating new revenue streams and supporting the small businesses in our community.
  2. Secure energy savings and fight climate change through initiatives such as Sustainable Westchester’s Community Choice Aggregation program. Croton United prevented our village from taking part in this green energy initiative last year.  As a result, Croton residents were not given the chance to buy energy from 100 percent renewable sources and save money on our energy bills, although we did get to watch our neighboring municipalities take advantage of this opportunity.   
  3. Make strategic infrastructure investments and capital improvements, such as the timely completion of the Croton Point Avenue initiative and the replacement of the Fire Department’s 20-year-old-plus Engine 118, while interest rates remain low. Delays on these projects caused by the current Board majority are increasing the likelihood that both projects will cost taxpayers much more in the long run.
  4. Restore meaningful communication from village government and bring back the monthly village newsletter, which the current mayor cancelled.

This is a common sense agenda. Yet each example referenced here was opposed by some or all members of the Croton United majority currently on the Village Board.  

Over the years, the Croton Democrats have been responsible for most of the advancements in our community that have brought money to the village and made life better for our residents. Some of the most recent Democratic accomplishments include:

  • Protection of open space: The Croton Landing riverfront purchase and the acceptance of the gift of Gouveia Park, along with a trust fund to maintain it — all opposed by Croton United.
  • Harmon Gateway Rezoning: Permits mixed residential and commercial use in the Harmon Zoning District, giving small business owners greater flexibility and adding to the tax base.
  • Keeping Croton Affordable: Enabling your tax freeze checks by staying under the tax cap for the last three fiscal years.

With your support, we look forward to resuming a Democratic majority on the Board and doing much more to preserve and improve our village.


Brian Pugh, Candidate for Mayor

Amy Attias, Candidate for Trustee

Sherry Horowitz, Candidate for Trustee

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