Sherry Horowitz: All the way with CCA!

To the Editor:sherry2017

It was very gratifying to hear the representatives from Good Energy talk about all the positive aspects of the Community Choice Aggregation program (the CCA) at last Monday night’s Croton Village Board work session. They explained that the CCA is good for electricity customers (lower rates for consumers) and good for the environment (sustainable energy sources rather than fossil fuels).  There are those of us in Croton who have been saying these very same things, and lobbying for Croton’s inclusion in this program, for over a year and a half, ever since Sustainable Westchester aggregated 20 municipalities, which includes 110,000 County residents and small businesses, in early 2016.

Good Energy even referred to the rationale behind the “opt out” feature of the CCA program. First you aggregate an entire municipality and then, those who don’t want to take advantage of either lower electric rates or sustainable energy sources can opt out.  It’s simple, ingenious and easily understandable.  All that remains now is for the Village Board majority to share this understanding with residents so that the Village will be ready to join Sustainable Westchester’s successfully operating aggregate group in early 2018.  Time is of the essence; let’s not lose out again!

Sincerely, Sherry Horowitz

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