Ann Gallelli: Welcome to Gouveia Park!

To the Editor,ann2016

There is good news this week for residents with the opening of Gouveia Park on Albany Post road.  The 15+ acre property, bequeathed to the Village by Laurel Gouveia, is a place for enjoying the beauty and serenity of nature.  Right now, it is lush and green but each season will bring new joys and experiences there.  Beautiful autumn colors, followed by snowscapes and then Spring renewal.

This park is perfect for those seeking a quiet space for relaxation and renewal.  Bring a picnic, a book, a folding chair or a blanket and immerse yourself in nature’s sounds and sights; the park is already getting rave reviews.

While regularly criticized by the Mayor and his administration since its acquisition and before, the potential for this park is only at its beginning.  It’s naturally sloping lawn holds great potential for small performances or art or craft shows.  Its extensive wooded spaces will become additional trails for our Trail system.  In time, its building will provide potential for meetings, exhibits, and, perhaps, even revenue-producing occasions.

Thank you, Laurel Gouveia, for enabling the Village to preserve this special place and for providing a $1 million endowment to help defray costs and develop its future potential.  

Ann Gallelli


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