Ann Gallelli: Decoding Village Agendas No. 373

Dear neighbor, Here is the 373rd installment of Decoding Village Agendas to keep Croton residents informed of the actions of the Village Board at their meetings.  I continue to add recipients to this email update on agendas so you may be receiving it for the first time. I enjoy getting your feedback and hope to continue to hear from you.  If you do not wish to receive these periodic email updates from me, please reply to this email and your name will be removed from the email list.

Ann Gallelli




Decoding Village Agendas –  July 19, 2017 0

Regular Meeting of the Village Board

8:00 pm

 (Open to Public  – Televised)


PRESENTATION/OTHER: Assemblymember Galef  and Mayor Schmidt to present proclamations to Rhoda Stephens and Janet Mainiero in recognition of their service to the Village of Croton. In addition, the Assemblymember will present a proclamation to the Village Fire Department in honor of their 125th anniversary.  Rhoda Stephens recently retired from Chair of the Zoning Board of Appeals.  She served on the ZBA since 1980 and was appointed Chair in 2015.  She served through 6 different administrations. Janet Mainiero was the guiding force behind the creation of the BCC 9/11 Memorial at Croton Landing.  She also served on the Planning Board for the past three years.

The Croton Fire Department recently observed its 125th anniversary.


PUBLIC HEARING: Public Hearing to consider the special use permit request to operate a smoke shop at 50 Maple Street.  The proposed smoke shop is in a C-2 zoning district which requires a special use permit for retail businesses.  The Planning Board recommendation to the Village Board found that the proposal was consistent with the requirements of the zoning district.  The proposed smoke shop would be located in the plaza where CVS and the Post Office are located.




  • Jo-Ann Dyckman, Town Clerk, Town of Cortlandt; re: A Public Hearing is scheduled for 7:00PM on July 18, 2017 at the Cortlandt Town Hall, 1 Heady Street, Cortlandt Manor, NY to consider a proposed local law granting the Town Planning Board approval authority in matters relating to zoning approvals and telecommunication towers.  The Town Board feels that the granting of permits and approvals  for telecommunications towers and also the granting of those permits that are currently issued by the Zoning Board would be better  placed in the oversight of the Planning Board as they are most experienced and familiar with site plan and SEQRA review requirements.
  • Dan Ahouse, Area Director of Government Affairs, Altice; re: Notification that as of July 17, 2017 there will be changes to pricing for new residential and commercial Basic Tier customers. All video service pricing for current Optimum customers is unaffected. 
  • Barbara Barclay, Safety Department, MD Drilling & Blasting, Inc.; re: MD Drilling & Blasting has applied for an extension of the blasting permit through the Town of Cortlandt for up to 15 days of additional blasting at Hudson National Gold Club starting July 10, 2017.  The company performing the blasting for the new golf practice facility at Hudson National Golf Club has applied to the Town of Cortlandt for an extension of time to complete its work. The property is in the Town adjacent to the Village Golf Club.  Property owners are being notified.






  • Authorizing the Village Treasurer to amend the 2017-2018 General Fund Budget in the amount of $ 4,375 for monies received from Bond Anticipation Notes, Series 2016B.   The Village received a premium associated with its Bond Anticipation Notes.  Receipt of money requires a budget amendment.
  • The Village Board of Trustees ratifies the stipulation of agreement and release dated July 7, 2017 between the Village Manager and Douglas Oles.  Police sergeant Oles and the Village have agreed on terms for his resigning his position due to disability issues.  He will be eligible for benefits and payments under the existing Police contract.
  • Authorizing the Village Treasurer to make budget transfers to amend the 2016-2017 year end budget.  This is a budget housekeeping  action for the prior year’s budget.
  • Authorizing the Village Manager to sign the proposal from CHA Consulting Inc. for services related to the acquisition of a parcel of property at 1-3 Croton Point Avenue in the amount of $6,985. The acquisition of this property is required in order for the Village to move forward with the Croton Point Avenue Improvement Project. This small parcel of land  is necessary in order to complete the proposed improvements to Croton Point Avenue as designed and approved by the NYSDOT.  The Village is hiring CHA to perform the necessary due diligence to acquire this parcel.
  • Authorizing the Village Manager to sign the agreements for towing and storage services in connection with illegally parked vehicles with Luposellos, Nappys, Rescue Towing, and Hudson View Automotive.   The Village recently passed a Towing and Booting law allowing illegally parked cars that meet certain criteria to be towed.  Agreements have been reached with each of the four automotive establishments for such towing and storage when needed.
  • Authorizing the Village Manager to issue a check to Metro North in the amount of $117,000 for a Force Account related to the Elliott Way Improvement Project. Metro North had estimated a Force Account of $38,000, but has since amended the required amount to $117,000.  These costs are what Metro North requires for labor and supervision of work along its track in the area of the improvement project including flagmen and inspectors. As noted, it is now higher than was originally projected by them.
  • The Village Board considers the formal adoption of the Village’s Comprehensive Plan, which identifies goals, objectives, and direction for the immediate and long terms protection, enhancement, growth and development of the Village of Croton-on-Hudson. It provides guidance to Village leaders and helps to ensure the needs of the community will be met.   This is the final step in adoption of a new Comprehensive Plan to replace the 2003 existing plan.  It has been subject to several years of review by the committee, the public and the Board of Trustees.  It has also been subjected to a full SEQRA review.  The Committee has been chaired by Ted Brumleve with residents Laura Fallon, Bettie Jackson, Ray Clifford, Joe Lippolis, and Paul Doyle as members.


  1. The Village Board of Trustees ratifies the stipulation of agreement and release dated July 7, 2017 between the Village Manager and Douglas Oles.  This is the same item as in “b” above.

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