Sherry Horowtiz: Why I am running for Village Trustee

Hi, I’m Sherry Horowitz. I have written several Letters to the Editor over the past year and a half, most of them in support of the Community Choice Aggregation program (the CCA) for Croton. Today I’m writing to intsherry2017roduce myself to you as a candidate for the position of Village of Croton Trustee, endorsed by the Democratic Party, the Independence Party, the Working Families Party and the Women’s Equality Party. I made the decision to run for office in November’s election because I believe that government can be a force for good in people’s lives and I would like to be a part of that process.

I have lived in Croton for 44 years and have owned and operated Childrenspace since 1979. Although this is my first foray into Village politics, I have been a lifelong activist and advocate for women’s rights, the environment, prison reform, humanitarian causes and independent media.

I believe in strong and compassionate leadership.  A good leader has the vision to know what is possible and beneficial and the energy and passion to pursue those goals and make things happen. In my long and successful tenure as steward of Childrenspace, I have demonstrated these leadership qualities.  I have also developed a wide variety of competencies: fiscal management, marketing, staff selection,  professional development, human resources, curriculum creation, communications and regulatory compliance. I have successfully interacted with licensors from the NYS Office of Children and Family Services, contractors, parents, teachers, children, community members and school district personnel.  I have close personal and professional relationships with such local institutions as the Croton Free Library, the Croton Caring Committee and Teatown Lake Reservation. As a teacher of young children, I’ve also acquired a tremendous respect for individual differences, the ability to listen to others, the virtue of patience and the importance of a positive, problem-solving attitude. I know how to build a strong and caring community, and I would love to bring that skill to the Village we all call home!

In the past months, many of us have been galvanized to stand up and speak out against policies that do not reflect our basic human instincts and beliefs.  Let’s translate that energy into greater community involvement in local decision making, and let’s meet it with more responsiveness on the part of elected officials.  If elected, I would work for more and better communication to inform and connect people, and  would create opportunities for free and open dialogue on issues that impact all of our lives in both large and small ways.  Together, and with your support, we could create a truly representative government in Croton. Brian Pugh for Mayor; Amy Attias for Trustee.  Dedicated to service and community.

Respectfully, Sherry Horowitz


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