Brian Pugh: Why I am running for Mayor

To The Editor,brian-pugh-group-cropped
As regular readers of The Gazette may know, I am running for Mayor of the Village of Croton in the November 2017 election. I am a native of Croton-on-Hudson and I am running to restore progressive government to our Village that reflects our community’s values.
Our local leaders that we elect set policy that has a tangible and substantial impact on our community.  Since being elected to the Board of Trustees in 2014, I have articulated, in these pages and elsewhere, my values and a vision for our community.
My priorities include:
1) Continuing to control property taxes by actively managing our Village’s expenses and supporting the development of revenue sources beyond residential property taxes, including initiatives to stimulate our commercial sector such as mixed-use zoning in Harmon, which has sparked new investment in that neighborhood;
2) Strategic capital investments (such as the timely completion of the Croton Point Avenue improvements and the replacement of the Fire Department’s 20+ year old Engine 118), while interest rates remain low;
3) The restoration of meaningful public information & communication by the Village government (e.g. the return of the monthly Village newsletter);
4) Securing energy savings and ensuring environmental protection through initiatives such as Sustainable Westchester’s Community Choice Aggregation program;
Although this agenda might seem like common sense, each item was opposed by some or all of the members of the current majority on the Board.  Contrary to what some say or imply, it does matter who we vote for in local elections.  Local government is not just about personality, but about principles and priorities.
That’s why I am proud to be running on a slate with Amy Attias and Sherry Horowtiz.  Our slate is united by common purpose and shared values.  It’s on this basis that we’ve received the endorsements of the Crotom Democratic Committee, the Working Families Party, the Women’s Equality Party and the Independence Party.
My general approach is to capitalize on underused opportunities for progress. Even before I held elected office, I organized a referendum campaign that moved Village elections from March to November. Through my relationships with grassroots organizations, I have moved forward important issues despite being in the minority on the Village Board.
With a new majority, on the Board, I look forward to being able to do much more for our community and to preserve and improve my hometown.
Brian Pugh

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