Amy Attias: Why I am running for Village Trustee

To the Editor:


My name is Amy Attias, and I write to introduce myself to you and the Croton community.  I am running as a Democratic candidate for Village Trustee in Croton-on-Hudson in this November’s election.  I am proud to be part of a strong, diverse team of candidates, including Brian Pugh for Mayor, and Sherry Horowitz for Trustee.  All three of us have been endorsed by the Democratic, Independence, Working Families, and Women’s Equality parties.


I have lived in Croton for 15 years, and am probably best known around town as the “Attias Mom,” a criminal defense and civil rights lawyer, and a musician. I have met wonderful people over the years from places as diverse as football games and track meets to the library, the kayak launch to a gig playing music at the Green Growler or a local charitable fundraiser.  I have shared my legal experience in many high school programs and officiated over a wedding in my own home in the Trails.  Until now, I have participated around town in many lower-profile but positive ways.


I wish to serve my community as Trustee in order to help move Croton forward, bearing in mind the times in which we live and the new challenges we face as a village. For instance, we must take real steps to address climate change and adopt environmentally sound policies and initiatives on the local level.   We must vocally and directly support our neighbors regardless of their legal status or religion.  We must work closely with our police and schools to open our minds to innovative approaches to address the scourge of opioid addiction in our area.  I plan to begin a conversation on domestic abuse, which is more common in Westchester than most of us realize.  I want open, honest and transparent communication between the Village government and our residents.  I believe strongly that we can be fiscally responsible while spending what is necessary to maintain and improve our Village, through a balanced, well thought-out plan for spending, borrowing, and taking care of our Village’s infrastructure and equipment,


I would be honored to join in the tradition of strong Democratic leaders in this Village whose vision and thoughtful actions over many years have resulted in achievements like the purchasing of the train parking lot, which is our largest single source of revenue, and the conceiving and creation of Croton Landing, one of our Village’s treasures. I support progressive values, based on well thought out and responsible economic strategies, and a determination to govern with respect and openness.


Adjusting to reality, creating innovative solutions, and building bridges, is what I do as a person and a professional. This is an historic moment in our country. The voices of the small villages are precisely the voices that need to be raised.  I would be proud to be a part of that voice as Village Trustee.


Amy Attias, Croton on Hudson


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