Adam Decker: Meet Sherry Horowitz

To Editor:

Sherry Horowitz was one of the very first people I met when I moved back to our area in 2017. We went to Sherry because we wanted a school for our youngest son where he would learn both the traditional preschool curriculum and, more importantly, to socialize and be part of a community. I and other parents have been impressed with Sherry’s ability to get young minds to begin thinking outside themselves and to start embracing their shared community.

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Sherry is now ready to take her community building skills outside of Childrenspace, the school she established in Croton in 1979, where she has helped raise three generations of Croton’s children. Her disappointment in our current leadership, particularly their refusal to engage in community based solutions to many of the problems facing Croton and our country, convinced her that Croton needs a change. She believes that it can be the village we all want it to be: a community that works to build a better tomorrow for ourselves and our children, not one that is resistant to change.

Many of you already know Sherry as a fixture in our community, as a tireless advocate for our children and for justice, and as a friend. I hope you will join with me in welcoming her decision to run for Village Trustee and voting for Sherry Horowitz in November.

Adam Decker


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