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To the Editor:slateannouncement

This November, Croton residents will have the opportunity to elect a majority of our Village officers. I am pleased to announce the candidates that the Croton Democratic Committee has endorsed for this year’s election:

Brian Pugh for Mayor. Brian is a life-long Croton resident, attorney and activist, who has demonstrated consistent leadership and vision. He is currently serving his second term as Village Trustee, though his service to our community predated his election to the Village Board: Brian helped spearhead the campaign which moved our Village elections to November, in order to encourage greater voter participation. During his tenure on the Board, Brian has been actively engaged in all aspects of Village business. He has also consistently supported and fought for Croton’s inclusion in the Community Choice Aggregation electrical power purchasing program (CCA), from which thousands of our neighbors in over 20 Westchester municipalities are currently deriving savings and increased energy choice. He continues to lead the way in outreach for the very important Energize Croton initiative. And he was instrumental in creating a Freedom of Information page on the Village website, securing enhanced transparency from local government.

Amy Attias for Trustee. Amy is a long-time Croton resident, having seen all three of her kids through the Croton school system as a single mother, while practicing civil rights and criminal law. In addition to her work as a defense attorney, she is an accomplished musician who has performed at many venues throughout Westchester County and lent her talents as a violinist, guitarist and singer in support of fundraisers for numerous charities and worthwhile causes. Recently, Amy was one of the headliners at the “Croton Speaks Up” event at Croton Point Park that raised funds for Planned Parenthood, Sandy Hook Promise, Southern Poverty Law Center and Riverkeeper.

Sherry Horowitz for Trustee. Sherry is a well-known figure in Croton. She is an educator and small-business owner who has established and directs the much-loved Childrenspace program in Croton for over 35 years. During that time, hundreds of children and their families have become part of the ever-growing Childrenspace community. In addition to her dedication to children and quality early childhood education, Sherry has been a long-time activist and advocate for women’s rights, environmental issues, prison reform, humanitarian causes and independent media.

The Croton Dems believe that the variety and depth of knowledge, experience and vision these candidates bring to the table make each of them uniquely qualified for the offices for which they are running. And we believe that, as a team, they make an unbeatable combination.

We hope you will join thousands of Croton residents at the polls this November 7th to cast your ballot in these important local races – races in which our votes can make a real difference to the future of our village.

Richard Masur,
Chair, The Croton Democratic Committee

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