Ann Gallelli: Honoring CFD Volunteers

To the Editor,ann2016
Last Saturday Croton’s Fire Department officially unveiled their new Rescue 18 truck. It was on display at the Harmon Fire House along with an old, retired 1963 Rescue truck as an historical comparison. What a great example the new Rescue 18 is of new technologies in fire rescue work. Not surprisingly, the new truck is bigger than the 1963 truck. More importantly, its improvements make it better at accomplishing its job and safer for our volunteers who man it. Rescue 18 carries specialized equipment for rescue situations such as traffic collisions, vehicle extraction, building collapse, confined space rescue, and more. The truck carries equipment such as the Jaws of Life, winches, cutting torches, circular saws and other forms of heavy equipment not on standard trucks. It was very impressive to see all its capabilities.
At the event, an additional surprise was in store for two Fire Department volunteers – Augie Conti and John Coyne. Both Augie and John were given special plaques commending them for their long service in Croton’s Fire Department, Augie for 50 years and John for 49. Congratulations and thank you to both on this remarkable achievement.

Ann Gallelli

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