Ann Gallelli: Thank you to Rhoda Stephens & Janet Mainiero

To the Editor,

In the last month, two highly respected volunteers for the Village have resigned from their respective positions on the Zoning Board of Appeals and the Planning Board.
Rhoda Stephens, chair of the Zoning Board of Appeals, has resigned from the board on which she has served for 37 years. First appointed in 1980 by then-Mayor Robert Price, Rhoda was remarkable for her thoroughness in reviewing applications before the Board, visiting the sites and asking pertinent questions.
She kept meticulous notes on all applications and provided a valuable historical perspective for other members who came and went over the years. Rhoda has been part of the evolution of today’s Village. She is undoubtedly the longest serving member of any board in this Village. Through six administrations, Rhoda has consistently upheld the Village’s interests in applying the Zoning Law. While retiring, she will remain in the Village pursuing her other areas of interest.
Janet Mainiero, Planning Board member for the past three years, is moving from the Village. While serving on the Planning Board, Janet brought her interests in environmental issues to the forefront of the review of applications.
Prior to her appointment to the Planning Board, Janet had been the chair and chief force behind the committee that resulted in the creation of the Buchanan, Croton and Cortlandt 9/11 (BCC 9/11) Memorial at Croton Landing Park.
Croton will always be better for the dedication and achievements of Rhoda and Janet.
Ann Gallelli

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