Ann Gallelli: What’s next for Gouevia Park?

Toann2016 the Editor,
This Spring, residents will have a new park to explore and enjoy. After widening the entrance and providing for parking, Gouveia Park will be open for visitors. Gouveia Park is essentially a passive area with opportunities for picnicking, walking, and otherwise enjoying nature. This first year of being open will give visitors a chance to envision future uses. Its natural contours provide a grassy amphitheater possibly lending itself to small dramatic, musical or art presentations. The Trails Committee will find an opportunity to expand our trail system leading to a promontory overlooking the Hudson. The diverse topography and ecology of the park lends itself to nature study. Schools and pre-schools may find it an exciting and educational opportunity. While the house will not be open until it meets ADA requirements for access, the remaining approximate 15 acres of property are as wide open as your imagination.
As with all new parks and acquisitions, its best uses will evolve as residents utilize its resources. Our residents are never short of ideas. This Spring that process will start. Be sure to visit Gouveia Park once it opens and let us know your ideas.

Ann Gallelli

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