Ann Gallelli: All politics is local.

To the Editor,ann2016
Events of the past four months have increased local residents’ sense that they need to be involved locally on issues that go beyond Croton. The Village Board has received requests for the Village to take positions on topics that will ultimately be decided by State and Federal legislators. Weighing in on these issues may seem to some as being beyond our purview and, in some cases, even futile.
Recently the Board issued a statement on the Raise the Age bill in the NYS legislature which would raise the age of criminal responsibility from 16 to 18 years of age. The Village statement can be seen from the Home page of the Village’s website.
At its March 20 work session meeting, the Board will consider multiple requests for it to enunciate a policy for ensuring Croton is an open, welcoming community for everyone as a result of several federal policy directives. This has been done by other Westchester municipalities including the Towns of Mamaroneck, Bedford and Village of Irvington.
The Village has also taken a strong position in opposition to the proposed increase of barge anchorages in the Hudson River being considered by the US Coast Guard.
I believe that local government is not just where the day to day pieces of governing occur like plowing, garbage and recycling, parks and recreation, etc. but rather, it is the starting point for higher level authorities to learn and understand what matters to their constituents. To the extent that local governments have not engaged in these discussions in the past, I see a changing trend going forward.
Ann Gallelli

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