Brian Pugh: Energize Croton!

brian-pugh-group-croppedTo the Editor:

As an unusually mild winter winds down, it may come as a surprise that home heating oil and natural gas prices have risen substantially over last year. Of additional concern it that emissions from home heating directly impact lung health and contribute to ground-level ozone and fine particle air pollution, according to the NYS Lung Association (which gives Westchester County an F in air quality).

For these reasons of economy and environment, the Village of Croton entered into a partnership with Energize NY–a state sponsored nonprofit local development corporation–to create Energize Croton. Energize Croton started in 2012 when the Village Board approved it unanimously and on a bipartisan basis.

Energize Croton will help you qualify for a free or reduced cost home energy assessment, help you find a local state-certified energy efficiency contractor and get low interest financing for upgrades to your home.

The cooler months are good time to get an energy assessment for your home, since the difference in indoor and outdoor temperatures makes it easier to detect leaks and drafts using infrared technology.

By Energizing your home, you make your home warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer, increase the value of your home, reduce your carbon footprint and save money. According to NYSERDA, the State energy authority, the average estimated first year savings of home energy efficiency upgrades is $700.

Statewide some 75,000 home energy projects have been completed to date, including more than 60 in our Village. To join this movement you can or call Energize directly at 914-302-7300 ext. 8102.

Brian Pugh

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