Decoding Village Agendas No. 355

Dear neighbor, Here is the 355th installment of Decoding Village Agendas to keep Croton residents informed of the actions of the Village Board at their meetings.  I continue to add recipients to this email update on agendas so you may be receiving it for the first time. I enjoy getting your feedback and hope to continue to hear from you.  If you do not wish to receive these periodic email updates from me, please reply to this email and your name will be removed from the email list.

Ann Gallelli




Decoding Village Agendas –   February 27, 2017

Work Session of the Village Board

7: 30 p.m.

 (Open to Public and Televised)


  1. Request by the Village Manager to enter into an Executive Session to discuss a real property matter.  If the request is granted, an executive session will be held.   


  1. Discussion of the proposed Capital Budget for Fiscal Year 2017/2018.  The Manager has proposed a reallocation of the Unassigned Fund Balance as discussed at a prior work session. Since the Village’s unassigned Fund Balance is currently $5,832,266.00, representing 31% of the 2016/2017 total appropriations, the Board has agreed that some of it should be assigned to reserve funds for future capital projects.  The proposed allocation is to put $500,000 in two new Reserves for Land acquisition and building renovations and Future equipment.  The Manager is also proposing to use an additional $730,000 for FY 2017/2018 expenditures such as a pickup ($40,000), Dump truck spreader ($235,000), replacement vehicles for the Engineer and DPW Superintendent ($32,000 each) roof replacements for Washington Engine Fire house and the DPW garage ($285,000) and other lesser items and amounts.    This would result in the current Fund Balance being reduced to $4,102,266.00 or 21.8% of total appropriations.


This allocation of Fund Balance money is separate and in addition to the long running past practice of utilizing upto $500,000 of the General Fund Fund Balance to reduce each Fiscal Year’s Property Tax Levy.


  1. Authorizing the Village Manager to approve the proposal from John Mayer Consulting for engineering services in connection with work to the sidewalks, curb and road at Farrington Rd. and Hunter Place in an amount not to exceed $50,000.   These streets have been undergoing work for a long time which included sanitary sewer and water line replacement.  John Mayer Consulting designed and supervised that work. In order to finish this long-running project by adding new road, curbs and sidewalk by the end of this summer, DPW Superintendent Balbi has recommended that John Meyer Consulting be hired to do the design work for completion.

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