Ann Gallelli: The Buck Stops Where?

ann2016To the editor,
Although many residents differ on the issue of the dummy light, I think most would agree that the decision-making process behind the switch to a “blinking” stop light and back to a regular Green-Yellow-Red traffic signal left much to be desired.
Common sense would suggest that any decisions regarding the popular icon and traffic signal at one of the busiest intersections in the Village should have been discussed by the Board prior to its implementation and been subject to public input as well. But the fact is that the Mayor took over 6 months until finally realizing the corner he had put the Village in and then suddenly announced that he wanted to return the light to its prior green/yellow/red status. Again, there was no prior board discussion or public input prior to his announcement.
It was also very dismaying to observe the Mayor and his team attempt to blame the whole dummy light situation on the Village Manager. For more than a week, Croton United has made this claim on social media on behalf of the Mayor and CU majority attempting to absolve them of responsibility. These misleading claims by CU remain even after the problems with them were brought to the majority’s attention.
Throughout the dummy light debacle, there was no accountability. But for a Mayor, the “Buck Stops Here”.

Ann Gallelli

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