Ann Gallelli: The Empire State Trail


To the Editor,
Last week Governor Cuomo proposed the completion of an “Empire State Trail” by 2020. It would create a trail system extending from New York City to the Canadian border and from Lake Erie to Albany. The $200 million proposal would be done in three phases, the first of which, $53 million, will appear in his budget for the coming year.
The portion along the Hudson River would allow for the completion of the partially realized Hudson River Valley Green Council’s Trail System.
I believe the Village of Croton is uniquely suited to take advantage of this proposal as a result of steps previously taken and approved plans already in place. Our Village was designated a “Greenway Model Community” in 1997 having adopted its own Greenway Visions Plan. In 2004, the Village received another Greenway award for the quality of our planning. We are on record identifying the completion of a trail along the Village’s entire Hudson River waterfront as our goal. Our existing Croton Landing Park already fulfills a large section of the Greenway Trail system along the Hudson.
The major missing piece is the stretch between the north end of Croton Landing and the County’s Oscawana Park. This key link is identified in all the Greenway and County trail plans and some design work has already been done. Due to the difficult terrain and right-of-way issues, this section must be built as part of a well-funded, larger concept like Governor Cuomo’s Empire State Trail.
Help us to make this a reality by telling our State legislators (Assemblyperson Galef and Senator Murphy) and our Board of Trustees that you want us to take action to support and secure this and other similar kinds of opportunities that can further enhance our waterfront, local economy and the desirability of Croton as a place to live.

Ann Gallelli

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