Sandy Galef: Adopt-a-Highway Information

Dear Mayors, Supervisors, and County Officials in the 95th Assembly District, 095_hdrhs

As we are moving into the New Year, I have a feeling that you have received many phone calls and emails from our constituents regarding the large amounts of litter on the highways. Although we would like to stop people from littering on the highways, there is just more that needs to be done. So in order to help this situation, I hope that we can expand the Adopt-A-Highway program as a way for the community to take action against the cluttered highways. This state program allows for individuals and organizations to adopt a segment of a highway, which they will take on the responsibility of keeping it clean. Attached is a brochure with all the information about the Adopt-A-Highway program that you can distribute to various organizations and individuals in your community. Below there is also some additional information about the program…

Adopt-A-Highway Program:
· Adopters must be 12 years or older in order to participate
o 12-18 years olds need to be accompanied by a guardian
· Adopters would receive recognition in the form of a blue and white sign that would be placed at the beginning of their highway segment.
· Adopter must sign a formal agreement with New York State Department of Transportation.
o The agreement is for two years, but can be renewed
· If approved, the adopter needs to obtain a Highway Work Permit from NYSDOT; the fee is waived.
· The adopters would be awarded up to two miles that would have to be cleaned four times a year.
o This program can cost $500 or more dependent on the maintenance provider that the adopter chooses.
· Adopters can choose to clean the area themselves, but they would only be allowed to adopt areas away from high-speed traffic.
o If this option is chosen, it is suggested that they clean the area two times a month.

This is an effective environmental program that allows for individuals or organizations to take the initiative to clean up our community. For more information individuals and organizations can go on to and also and for specific questions they can contact the Adopt-a-Highway Coordinator at (718) 712-7563. If individuals or organizations are interested in adopting, those in Northern Westchester County can contact Stuart Sprague at (914) 232-5065 and those in Putnam County can contact Rock DeNigro at (845) 878-6363.

I hope that you will find this information helpful and encouraging more local participation in cleaning up our highways and roads in our communities. Please contact me if you have any questions.

Sandy Galef

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