Brian Pugh: Re-Energize Croton


To the Editor:
With the change in administrations in Washington, it is more important than ever that we act at the local level to control our energy usage and protect our climate.  Fortunately, the Village of Croton, in partnership with Energize NY, a New York State non-profit, local development corporation, already has a long-standing energy efficiency program, Energize Croton.
Energize NY has already upgraded more than 1,230 homes, including more than 60 in our Village.
Energize Croton will help you qualify for a free or reduced cost home energy assessment, help you find a local state certified energy efficiency contractor and get low interest financing for upgrades to your home.  And the colder months are good time to get an energy assessment for your home, since the difference in indoor and outdoor temperatures makes it easier to detect leaks and drafts using infrared technology.
By Energizing your home, you make your home warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer, increase the value of your home, reduce your carbon footprint and save money.
Last month, the US Energy Information Agency Percent forecast a 38% increase in home heating oil and a 22% increase in natural gas prices over last winter.  And that was before OPEC oil cartel announced its first production cut since 2008, to be joined by Russia and possibly other non-OPEC oil producers.
Now more than ever, home energy efficiency is the environmentally responsible and economically advisable thing to do.
Brian Pugh

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