Ann Gallelli: Update from the New York Conference of Mayors

To the editor,

As a Trustee, I firmly believe that the Village Board can achieve the best results for Croton if we engage with other municipalities who share similar problems.  To that end, last week I joined participants from 61 villages and cities in Albany to identify and discuss our legislative priorities for the next session of the NYS Legislature.   The meeting was organized by the New York Conference of Mayors (NYCOM).   NYCOM  both provides information and advice to member municipalities. It also represents our interests in Albany to the Senate, Assembly and the Governor’s office.

In January, the NYS Legislature will begin a new session and consider a wide range of proposed legislation.  It is important that local governments are prepared to ask for legislation that would aid them with common problems.  At the meeting we identified and discussed some 45 policy issues in the areas of finance, employee relations and public safety, government operations and community development, and environment and energy.

Not all of these are relevant to Croton but the exchange of ideas on these matters is helpful in understanding common problems and how they might be approached.  NYCOM staff will now engage with legislators on our behalf to try to move legislation beneficial to villages forward.  

As I have in the past, I look forward to continuing to engage  with other villages, both state-wide and in the County, on behalf of Croton.

Ann Gallelli

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