Brian Pugh: Moving Croton Forward

To the editor:
Thank you again to the all the voters and candidates that participated in last week’s elections. I am humbled by the thousands of votes that Trustee Ann Gallelli and I received.
The margin is clear and so is the responsibility. We will work continuously to honor the trust you have placed in us.
I am cheered by Croton United’s election night Facebook post: We congratulate Ann Gallelli and Brian Pugh on their re-election to the board and hope to work with them as we continue to bring honest, responsive, inclusive, and financially sustainable government to Croton.
As part of a renewed spirit of cooperation, I would like to suggest some easy steps to move our community forward:
1) Put the dummy light, the bungalow road stop sign and other traffic control measures on the agenda for a public meeting. Whatever the merits of these changes, the public was never given a chance to weigh in on them before their adoption. This is the least we can do.

2) Restore the monthly Village newsletter. Since finances are a concern, I would be happy to write it gratis and discuss innovative and affordable distribution methods.

3) Invite a representative from Sustainable Westchester to an upcoming Board meeting to discuss the future of Community Choice Aggregation for our Village.

Cooperation may be challenging, but the voters–in their wisdom–have seen fit to ensure that we share power on the Village Board for at least another year. We owe it to our neighbors to diligently discharge our duty.
Brian Pugh

One thought on “Brian Pugh: Moving Croton Forward

  1. Ron Posmentier

    If I can’t make it to a future public meeting re:the dummy light issue, I would like you to be aware of my thoughts. If we continue w/the dummy light, there needs to be more respect for the law regarding the traffic signal. I see to many rolling stops, and lack of respect for the “stop line.” The pedestrian has the right of way, but they’re being challenged by the violators of the law. I don’t want to wait until it is too late. We provide crossing guards where we know it is necessary. Let’s get serious just down the road, where the potential disaster is not so evident.


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