Brian Pugh: Giving Our First Responders The Tools They Need


To the Editor:

The Village Board of Croton-on-Hudson voted 5-0 on Monday night to award the bid to replace the Volunteer Fire Department’s Rescue 18, a 1993 International/ Cayel Craft heavy rescue fire apparatus.

The winning bidder is Hendrickson Fire Rescue Equipment, who will be providing the as built heavy rescue, but with some modifications to better fit the needs of the Croton VFD. This new fire apparatus will carry even more firefighting tools, accident extrication tools, water rescue, ice rescue, and rope rescue equipment.

Rescue 18 is now well outside of the 20-year service life recommended by the National Fire Protection Association, which creates creates and maintains standards and codes for usage and adoption by local governments. The replacement of Rescue 18 was also recommended by the Volunteer Fire Department, Village Mechanic, and East West Fire Apparatus Consultants due to its age and condition.

Thanks to Chief Matt Mansfield, the Croton VFD rig committee and the rest of the department for all their tireless, volunteer work, including months of discussions with the Village administration, on behalf of our community.


Brian Pugh

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