Ann Gallelli: Working Together To Keep Croton Beautiful


To the editor,

Many of you may have noticed that the grass at the playing field in Dobbs Park has suddenly become all green again.  Due to an irrigation snafu, the field was brown with dead grass and has not been playable all summer.

The good news is that Hudson National Golf Club stepped in and provided the man power and the sod to refurbish the playing field.  When Ryan Oliver, Golf Course Superintendent, heard about the problem he offered to bring in the club’s turf people to lay sod which was also donated. The work was done last week.

This is a wonderful example of how cooperation between the Village and its residents, in this case the Hudson National Golf Club, can result in wonderful outcomes.  When we work together to make the Village more livable, everyone  in the Village benefits.

Thank you to Hudson National Golf Club for being partners in enhancing Village life.


Ann Gallelli

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