Brian Pugh: Improving Village Communications

To the Editor:

The new Croton United party majority on the Village Board continues to trumpet its supposed improvement to Village communications under their administration. Sadly, from my perspective as one of the two remaining Democrats on the Village Board, this has not happened.

A recent example: As many know, there was an Indian Point siren test last Wednesday. Even though we live in the mandatory evacuation area, there was no notice from the Village as to whether the sirens were a drill or the real thing.

There was no e-mail or telephone notice from the Village to residents despite the fact the Town of Cortlandt and Westchester County both sent out electronic notices. I even made a note of the Indian Point siren test in my report a last Monday’s Village Board meeting and in an e-mail to the Mayor.

As your Village Trustee, I will continue to be an advocate for transparency and communication and will work to hold the administration accountable to the public.


Brian Pugh

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