Ann Gallelli on working together for our neighborhoods

Ann Gallelli Croton Village TrusteeTo the editor,

Residents of Scenic Drive West and Scenic Ridge are seeing a long-time neighborhood anomaly  in transition to becoming consistent with its surroundings

The Hendry building, a stand-alone large and vacant office building at 120 Scenic Drive West, is currently being demolished to eventually become two single family houses.

The building was built at a time when the entire  area around it was zoned for office use.  No other buildings were ever developed there .   About fifteen years ago  the area was rezoned for residential use  except for the Hendry building.  Thirty plus single family homes. Known as Westwind,  were built along two new streets – Scenic Drive West and Newton Court.  The Hendry Building remained – alone and empty.

For the past two years or more, the Village has worked with the prospective owner of the property to enable this change to take place through re-zoning the property to residential.  Both past and current Boards  supported and enabled this change to come about which will benefit both the neighborhood and the Village.


Ann Gallelli

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