Trustee Gallelli on Summer in Croton


Dear Neighbors,

“The dog days of summer” are upon us here in Croton for sure. “The dog days” generally refers to a period of lethargy and inactivity due to heat and humidity but it’s hard to be lethargic and inactive in Croton during these days.

Breezes from the Hudson River enhance our walks along the riverfront. Playgrounds throughout the Village, swimming at Silver Lake on the Croton River, hiking along the 13+ miles of trails are amenities particularly suited for these summer days. Movies and concerts on the

Hudson River, summer camps for our kids and special entertainment shows are all part of summer in Croton. And that’s just what the Village itself offers its residents. So many other groups offer a myriad of activities and experiences for our enjoyment.

Hats off to our Village Parks and Recreation staff, and those who provide other activities, who make the summer in Croton so special. I’m so glad I live here.

Ann Gallelli

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