Trustee Pugh on the politicization of the Financial Sustainability Committee


To the Editor,

I attended the inaugural meeting of the Financial Sustainability Committee last week at which Mayor Greg Schmidt explained that the objective of the committee was to explore financial strategies for the Village without the interference of partisan politics. Just days later, the actions of two of the Mayor’s appointees to this committee have thrown the ostensible objectivity and nonpartisanship of this Committee into doubt.

One member of the committee announced that he will be running for Village Trustee in the November election–presumably as a Croton United Party candidate.

Another member, the committee’s chair according to the Village website, commenced his first week on the committee with a disingenuous and misleading attack on me in the Gazette over my suggestion that the Village explore expanding rent stabilization.

I communicated my concerns about the politicization of the Financial Sustainability Committee to Mayor Schmidt last Friday (7/15), but have not received a response as of this writing (7/19).

It strains credulity that it pure coincidence that within days of the first meeting of the Financial Sustainability Committee, one member attacks me, a sitting Trustee and current candidate for re-election and another makes known his intentions to run against me. At a minimum, these actions by two of the mayor’s appointees create the appearance of impropriety and undermine the committee’s work.

The last point is a true shame. There are sincere and talented individuals on the Financial Sustainability Committee. Out of respect for their effort and good intentions, the committee should not be allowed to become a soap box for Croton United Party partisans or a launching pad for Croton United Party candidates.


Brian Pugh

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