Trustee Gallelli on fighting invasive species

To the editor,

Invasive species of several types are being tackled in the Village this summer.  While they are not new, their presence is growing and poses a threat to our parks, waterways and native species.  

The Village is considering proposals to attack Phragmites and Japanese Knotweed in several areas including Croton Landing, Kaplan’s Pond, Duck Pond and Senasqua Park.  The treatment involves use of herbicides and requires three to four years of application and management.

The NYS Dept. of Environmental Conservation (DEC) is also planning to address a very serious invasion of Hydrilla in the Croton River this summer.  Hydrilla, an invasive aquatic plant that creates a green matted cover over the water and can poison fish and water fowl as well as impede use of the river by swimmers and boaters, will be treated with the herbicide Endothall.  Hydrilla is currently in both the Croton River and the Croton Reservoir.  The DEC is concerned that it will make its way into the Hudson River.  The DEC held a public meeting on June 28 at the Municipal Building to address the problem and their plans.  The full discussion and presentation can be viewed on Channel 78 and from the Village’s website.  The exact dates for introducing Endothall into the Croton River are not in place yet as a permit is still required from the Village’s Water Control Commission and weather conditions are a factor as well. Endothall would be injected into the River in the area of Black Rock Park and will flow downstream necessitating the closure of Silver Lake beach for approximately 48 hours.  Signs will be posted by the NYSDEC telling people to avoid the river during this period and the Village will send out announcements.  

Both the Village’s and the DEC’s plans for dealing with invasive species are aimed at controlling and eradicating  problems that can change our ability to use and enjoy our water-related recreation areas.  


Ann Gallelli


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