Brian Pugh on New DOT Funding for CPA

To The Editor:
I am very encouraged by the Board’s vote to accept the Department of Transportation’s (DOT) grant for Croton Point Avenue’s long overdue renovation and committing to its construction in the 2017-2018 federal fiscal year.
The Croton Point Avenue project aims to improve traffic flow by upgrading key intersections and providing appropriate traffic signals and markings that will facilitate bicycle and pedestrian crossings.
I understand that some would like to see changes in this project.  As Village Manager King noted on Monday night, we have reached the point where we move forward with the current design, begun in 2009, or start from scratch.
On balance, this project will benefit our community by modernizing one of our most heavily used roadway, so I am glad that the Board voted to move forward in a 4-1 vote.
Acting now also makes economic sense.  Most of this project will be funded through state and federal grants, including the new DOT funds.  In addition, interest rates remain relatively low, minimizing the cost of financing the project.
Finally, I once again must caution against the idea of “phasing” the project, as my Croton United Party colleagues on the Village Board seem inclined to do.  Phasing would mean not only inflating the total project price due to rising construction costs, but also unduly delaying the completion of the project–leaving it half-done for an indefinite period.
As the project moves forward, I do hope the entire Board of Trustees will see the benefits of completing the entire project in a timely fashion.
Brian Pugh

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