Brian Pugh on Croton Point Avenue


To the Editor:

The proposed improvements for Croton Point Avenue have been long debated. Now it is time for decision and action. The NYS Department of Transportation (DOT) approved the Village’s plans in November 2015 after extensive review. Earlier this month, the DOT offered to chip in $250,000 in addition to $1.2M in previously awarded grants–provided that the Village commits to constructing the project between 2017 and 2018.

I am in favor of this important improvement that benefits all users of this busy roadway. It is a positive investment in an area of the Village that will accommodate the growth of our Village’s local economy and population and improve access to mass transit.

Some of my Croton United Party colleagues on the Village Board seem fascinated by the idea of breaking the project up into pieces to be completed over time. This does not make sense to me, as segmenting the project would mean inflicting additional construction on commuters, delaying and likely inflating the total project price due to rising construction costs.

Therefore, I favor accepting the DOT’s grant for Croton Point Avenue and pursuing its prompt and actual completion. I hope that the rest of the Board will join me in supporting a comprehensive and complete approach to this project.


Brian Pugh

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