Trustee Ann Gallelli’s Update on NYCOM

To the editor,

On May 1 to 3, I attended the annual NYCOM conference along with Trustee Anderson and members of the Village staff.

NYCOM is the NY Conference of Mayors. It provides information and counsel to Villages and cities around the state. It also lobbies on our behalves, advocating for us with the State Legislature and the Governor’s Office. Its annual meeting is a very useful and helpful occasion when Trustees and Mayors can share information on common issues and potential solutions.

One thing everyone recognizes on these occasions is the commonalities among all villages across the State – common issues and problems as well as successful solutions that work for many. It is a place to learn from others experiences so as not to reinvent the wheel. This year there were sessions on energy programs, financing, infrastructure improvements, governing, social media, ethics and more.

These are all topics we are dealing with in Croton. Our Board and Village residents can benefit from others’ experiences with these issues and maximize our implementation of solutions in all of these areas. We are not an island; we are a vibrant village that can get even better by pursuing programs in these areas that have been successful for others.

Ann Gallelli, Trustee

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