Andy Levitt on CCA

To the Editor:

In light of some misconceptions that are apparently still circulating about the Community Choice Aggregation electricity program – a program blessed by the New York Public Service Commission and now in place in twenty Westchester County municipalities – I feel compelled to point out that the benefits of CCA are not hypothetical.

We know the deal the municipalities participating in CCA are getting, and it’s a good one. Residents in those communities will pay less than the average ConEd electricity supply rates for 2015, even in the fourteen municipalities that have chosen the 100% renewable energy supply option. And if ConEd’s supply rates somehow fall below the 2015 price level, CCA participants will be no worse off, because they can opt out of the program and go back to ConEd at any time.

CCA is a forward-thinking, money-saving, choice-maximizing, environmentally friendly solution that the Public Service Commission has now approved for use statewide, but that Croton, unfortunately, has been left out of. I hope that Croton will have the opportunity, and that our Village government will have the will, to rectify this serious mistake.

Andy Levitt

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