Brian Pugh on Community Choice Aggregation

To the Editor:

As we reflect on our annual local Earth Day celebration in Croton-on-Hudson, it seems like a good opportunity to reflect on the environmental and economic opportunity of Community Choice Aggregation (CCA).

The local nonprofit Sustainable Westchester developed a CCA program, approved by the NYS Public Service Commission, called “Westchester Power”. Westchester Power sought to combine the market power of communities across Westchester to lower the price of electricity for residents and increase green energy options for residents—essentially applying the principle of buying in bulk to electric power.

Since then, more than 10 communities in Westchester have chosen 100% renewable through Westchester Power. If Croton received 100% green power, the reduction in greenhouse gas would have been comparable to taking over 200 cars off the road, according to the EPA’s Greenhouse Gas Equivalencies Calculator. All for less than the average Con Edison price!

Last week, based on the progress of Westchester Power, the NYS Public Service Commission approved CCA for the rest of the state. Yet, because of the posture of the Croton United Party members on the Village Board, our community has been left behind.

I encourage my colleagues on the Board, particularly the Croton United Party majority that voted against CCA in January, to re-evaluate participation in Westchester Power, so that we can join our neighbors in communities from Ossining to Hastings in saving money and promoting renewable energy.


Brian Pugh, Trustee

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