Ann Gallelli on Croton Point Avenue

To the Editor,

The NYS Dept. of Transportation has affirmed that they would okay a two-phase approach to the   Croton Point Avenue Vehicle, Pedestrian and Bicycle Improvement project.  The Village has received a $1.2 million grant to improve the safety of this important traffic corridor.

The Board reviewed the Croton Point Avenue project at the last work session; there is still no decision to move ahead with this important project.  While this project has been under design and review for several years, next year is the last year in which the Village can still retain the grant if no action is taken. 

After that the Village will lose the awarded money and will also have to pay back the approximate $230,000 it has expended so far in is design and review.  And, of course, no improvements will have taken place.

This does not mean a decision can be delayed until 2017 because preliminary steps have to be taken in the near future before the work can actually start.   So far the Croton United majority on the Village Board has only said they will “continue to look into it”.

I am in favor of this important improvement that benefits all users of this busy avenue, phased or not.  It is a positive investment in an area of the Village that will accommodate the growth of our Village’s business and population and provide better access to the Village-owned train station parking lot. I am not in favor of throwing away $1.2 million because of lack of timely action. 

If the Village does not use this money to make needed improvements then it is unlikely that these improvements will occur anytime in the near future as the entire financial burden will be then be on us.  


Ann Gallelli, Trustee

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